Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Water, water, everywhere!

I rolled over to check my alarm around 4:30 am on Tuesday morning and decided to get a few more winks. When I awoke again, my alarms were dark. Oh, NO – I leapt from my bed to a dark house. The power was out! Could there have been snow, or perhaps a hard rain?

On the way to the gym at 5:45 am, I heard the news about the water main break. This massive break leaked millions of gallons of water. Are you following my stream of consciousness? Yes, I was reminded about our recycling stream and about the two events our Collections Field Staff attended over the weekend.

At the H20 Summit, participants were given a passport with a variety of questions. Answers were available from the event exhibitors, including us! (Read to the end to learn our answer.)

event passport

Here, Field Staffer Gabe George answered a question and discussed recycling with two participants.

Field Staffer Gabe George speaks with event participants.

After a morning of informational seminars, participants also learned about watershed preservation and storm water management.

Young event participants play watershed game.

Earlier in the day, residents of the Franklin Knolls neighborhood in Silver Spring gathered for a community walk. They were there to learn about a project to build rain gardens at several homes to help the Sligo Creek watershed.

Event sign for Green Streets Community Walk

Field Staffer Joyce Fountain took the opportunity to address walk participants about single family recycling, and the importance of keeping trash out of the recycling stream.

Field Staffer Joyce Fountain speaks with community walk participants.

This brings us full circle to our question about our streams of recycling!

Question: What kind of stream does Montgomery Recycling have? Answer: A dual stream system.

Our dual stream continues to flow with paper and commingled materials. Sound interesting? Learn more about recycling on our website, or by visiting our Recycling Center!

water drop coming out of faucet
Power has returned to my home. And, as we conserve water over the next few days, we’ll become even more aware of how precious every drop of this resource is!

--Jessica Fusillo, Collections Communications

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