Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Back Office

What happens to your MC311 call about trash and recycling collections, scheduling a bulk trash or a scrap metal recycling pickup, or requesting a recycling bin or cart?

An MC311 Customer Service Representative (CSR) receives your information, and enters it into the service request database. The service requests are then sent electronically to our Division of Solid Waste Services Collections Section.  MC311 refers to this work group as "the back office" for Solid Waste service requests.

In the back office, service requests are monitored as they are assigned. Together with two colleagues, Executive Administrative Aide Lina Paz processes your requests. I visited with Lina at her desk.

Join Lina as she tells us more about how your service requests are fulfilled...

Let’s review some of the highlights from my visit with Lina:
  • Recycling bin pickup  –  If you have asked for a bin pickup, please leave your bin at the curb on the Monday following your request. The bin will be picked up during the week.

  • Trash or container pickup – When you request a pickup for a trash can or container, please clearly mark these items with “Trash” or “Pick up”. This helps the collection crew confirm that they are taking the correct items.

  • Collections complaints or missed pickups – Please leave the containers or items at the curb. One of our field staff will be by to inspect and have the items removed.
For other questions about trash or recycling collections, visit our Division of Solid Waste Services website, like us on Facebook, or email me directly.
-- Jessica Fusillo, Collections Communications

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