Monday, September 26, 2005

Newsletter Helper: Apples, nuts, and other fall "yard trim"

Oops! The August 2005 Newsletter Helper slipped past this blog without a mention! With the official change of seasons last week, the topic is as timely as ever.

Here's the teaser: "Autumn brings with it falling leaves… as well as falling acorns, other nuts, and unwanted fruits such as apples. How do you get rid of those? Set them out with your yard trim for recycling collection!"

Yard Trim Labels: PYO

At the local orchards, "PYO" at this time of year means Pick Your Own delicious, juicy, crunchy apples. [for some apple picking of your own, try the Montgomery County Farm Directory.

Our lastest PYO is Print Your Own...

For more efficiency, I would like to suggest you post the "yard trim" label as a PDF. By the time I get to the library, I always forget to get the labels. But I'd print it out after I read your newsletter and use it.

We received this suggestion in our Electonic Mailbag. So, E., this one's for you! We (usually) have labels at the libraries, and we are happy to send some to you through the mail. Still, if you need a label right away, it's now just a click away, delivered to your printer.

Newsletter Helper: Show us the green (labels)!

The September 2005 Newsletter Helper from the Division of Solid Waste Services is now available. This month's feature is "Yard Trim Labels: Show us the green!" Letting your collection crew see green helps you avoid seeing red because of missed yard trim collections. Montgomery County’s green yard trim labels are signals to crews, helping them easily spot the cans of leaves, grass, and brush you may have set out for pickup.

Our label was redesigned over the summer. The new format is a green circle, 7" in diameter. If you've been plagued by peeling labels in the past (I was) , give these a try. We used a different label material, and this one should stick more effectively (and I'm "field-testing" one myself).