Monday, July 27, 2009

Behind the scenes of biological monitoring

We often refer to our Solid Waste staff being "out in the field" when they are working in neighborhoods, apartment and condominum properties, and businesses.

In other parts of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, our colleagues are literally in fields collecting data. Sometimes, they are in the water, too!

In today's Biological Monitoring for MoCo post, learn about some of the 53 items that aquatic biologists in the Department take with them to help keep tabs on habitat conditions, water chemistry, and critters large and small in our local streams.

To get updates as they come in, subscribe to the biologists' field reports.

Monday, July 06, 2009

A summer morning at our Compost Facility

During the week, our Compost Facility bustles with activity. It receives deliveries of the yard trim you've set out at the curb for collection, and workers are busy turning and processing leaves and grass in various stages of becoming LeafGro.

But, early in the morning, before the Facility's workday begins, things are much quieter. Here's a photo taken by a colleague on her way to an assignment:

Windrows of leaves and grass at the Montgomery County Composting Facility

In addition to the beautiful compost-in-progress within the Compost Facility itself, staff and visitors are greeted by a cheerful patch of wildflowers near the entrance, complete with industriously buzzing bees:

wildflowers growing at the Montgomery County Composting Facility entrance