Friday, May 22, 2009

Recycling Awareness Week: Special recycling achievements honored

Isn't this plaque beautiful?! We gave this -- and others just like it -- to the individuals, and multi-family and business properties we honored during our Recycling Achievement Awards Recognition Program yesterday.

We were happy to honor our special recyclers with... an award made in the United States (Colorado, to be exact) from recycled glass.

Meet our honorees for Excellence in Recycling, Outstanding Achievement, and Outstanding Achievement (Individual) at multi-family and business properties, and from our Recycling Volunteer corps.

Congratulations to all!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recycling Awareness Week: Poster contest winners

Our Recycling Poster Contest winners were announced on Tuesday: view the winning student posters in our Flickr set.

Here is a small random sample:

Memorial Day 2009 - modified recycling + trash collection schedule

Monday, May 25, 2009 - Memorial Day - is a recycling and trash collection holiday. All County-provided recycling and will be made one day later this week.

If you have any questions or concerns about your County-provided collection, please contact our Customer Service staff online or call 240-777-6410.

Note: if you (or your community) have a private contract for your trash collection, or if you live in a municipality, these schedule announcements may not apply to your trash service -- check with your hauler or community manager.

Solid Waste Transfer Station Holiday Closings

Solid Waste Transfer Station hours and other details

  • Monday, May 25, 2009: closed
  • Tuesday, May 26, 2009: will reopen with normal hours

Beauty Spot Holiday Closings

Beauty Spot locations, hours and other details

  • Saturday, May 23, 2009: open
  • Sunday, May 24, 2009: closed

What's in the can? Labels are critical.

The issue challenges our collection crews throughout the year. But, it's especially acute in the spring.

Quick! What's in this can?

Trash can awaiting collection at the curb

Since it *is* a trash can, there a good chance that the contents are trash. But, what if the resident has followed our advice on using reusable cans for yard trim, and has set out grass, leaves, or brush instead? It's hard to tell, right?

Our collection crews have the same problem! As they drive down your street, the only way they have of knowing the can contents of a lidded trash can for sure is stop, lift the lid, and peer inside.

Yard trim collection routes typically service approximately 1,500 homes per day. Stopping to check every trash can that's set out to see whether there are leaves, grass, or brush -- or trash -- inside slows the crew signficantly.

yard trim decalPlease help your your yard trim collectors do their work efficiently and accurately by clearly labeling trash cans you set out with yard trim inside. Green labels are the collectors' best signal that a container's contents are for them. Make sure that the labels face the street when you place your can at the curb.

We are happy to send you yard trim decals at no charge. The decals are also available at local libraries.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will your compost bin fit in my car?

Are you interested in picking up one of our compost bins, but concerned about how you'll get it home?

When set up for use, the bins are roughly 2.5 feet tall, and the same in diameter (the diameter is adjustable).

However, the bins come packaged as tight rolls of approximately 2.5 feet long, and 4 inches in diameter.

So, the roll fits easily into the truck, foot well, or seat of your car.

And, if you're using public transportation? Carrying one bin is no problem. Carrying multiple bins... well, that can get interesting, especially during the rush hour -- I've attempted it! And, while you're on the bus or Metro, you'll find your bin to be a good conversation starter.

Regardless of how you get your bin to your home, happy composting!

Please share your omposting success stories! And, what questions do you have about composting? We'd love to address them in future blog posts!

Monday, May 11, 2009

We celebrate compost every week

compost bin filled with leaves

Last week, a colleague reminded me that May 3 through May 9, 2009 was International Compost Awareness Week

Oops!  Is this post a week late, then?  Not really: just as "Earth Day is every day," "Compost Awareness Week is every week" for us.

  • We have compost bins available to you -- Montgomery County residents and businesses -- at no charge throughout the year, and our pickup locations are ready for your visit this Spring.
  • The leaves and grass you set out for curbside recycling are composted year-round at our Compost Facility.
  • The Compost Facility produces Leafgro and Compro, available for purchase at local home and garden centers. 

Do you compost?  Please share your success stories!  And, what questions do you have about composting?  We'd love to address them in future blog posts!