Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's in the can? Labels are critical.

The issue challenges our collection crews throughout the year. But, it's especially acute in the spring.

Quick! What's in this can?

Trash can awaiting collection at the curb

Since it *is* a trash can, there a good chance that the contents are trash. But, what if the resident has followed our advice on using reusable cans for yard trim, and has set out grass, leaves, or brush instead? It's hard to tell, right?

Our collection crews have the same problem! As they drive down your street, the only way they have of knowing the can contents of a lidded trash can for sure is stop, lift the lid, and peer inside.

Yard trim collection routes typically service approximately 1,500 homes per day. Stopping to check every trash can that's set out to see whether there are leaves, grass, or brush -- or trash -- inside slows the crew signficantly.

yard trim decalPlease help your your yard trim collectors do their work efficiently and accurately by clearly labeling trash cans you set out with yard trim inside. Green labels are the collectors' best signal that a container's contents are for them. Make sure that the labels face the street when you place your can at the curb.

We are happy to send you yard trim decals at no charge. The decals are also available at local libraries.