Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will your compost bin fit in my car?

Are you interested in picking up one of our compost bins, but concerned about how you'll get it home?

When set up for use, the bins are roughly 2.5 feet tall, and the same in diameter (the diameter is adjustable).

However, the bins come packaged as tight rolls of approximately 2.5 feet long, and 4 inches in diameter.

So, the roll fits easily into the truck, foot well, or seat of your car.

And, if you're using public transportation? Carrying one bin is no problem. Carrying multiple bins... well, that can get interesting, especially during the rush hour -- I've attempted it! And, while you're on the bus or Metro, you'll find your bin to be a good conversation starter.

Regardless of how you get your bin to your home, happy composting!

Please share your omposting success stories! And, what questions do you have about composting? We'd love to address them in future blog posts!