Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Big Blue CNG Trucks: Keeping their carbon tire tracks clean! - Notes from the Field

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One of the things we take for granted out in the field are the recycling collection trucks.  They are new and blue!

As of 2012, Montgomery County's collection contractors must use compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks for their recycling, trash, and yard trim pickups.

Have you noticed the joy of clean air in your neighborhood, free of diesel fumes? CNG trucks are also 50 to 90 percent quieter than diesel trucks. Most of all, running these trucks reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 10 to 15 percent.

The County currently has 105 collection trucks on the roads every day using CNG instead of diesel. Our carbon footprint must have shrunk at least two sizes by now!

In this video, driver Edison Cargeo (whom we met in last week's post on paper recycling carts) gives us a quick tour of his Big Blue CNG recycling truck.

Even the supervisors’ trucks run on natural gas.

Unity Disposal Services, LLC, supervisor truck
close-up of compressed natural gas fuel tank on supervisor truck
Unity Disposal, LLC, Supervisor Rudy Reyes uses his CNG truck to help him monitor the 19 Big Blue trucks in Collection Area 3 as they pick up trash, recycling, and yard trim.

Rudy Reyes, Supervisor, Unity Disposal, LLC, in his truck.
Whether on the streets picking up material, or on display at Truck Days, the CNG Big Blues fascinate admirers of all ages. Edison is happy to explain his truck's functions and features at this event...

Edison and friends admire his truck

Montgomery County’s Collections staff and contractors are the front line in keeping Montgomery County’s residential streets and air clean.

Watch for the Big Blue trucks in your neighborhood!

--Jessica Fusillo, Collections Communications

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