Thursday, March 14, 2013

Following the Stream: Dual Stream Recycling Review

We’ve “bin” reviewing the situation, as Fagan would say.  If you’ve been following our “Talkin’ Trash” blog for the past several weeks, you’ve seen that the Collections Field Staff has been looking into residents’ recycling bins to assess how our “dual stream” of recycling is working.

Let’s take a quick paddle down our streams and check out some of the places where things get a little murky.

stream graphic

One of our streams is for paper. Paper should be bundled, or set out in a cart like this one.

paper recycling cart full with cardboard boxes

The carts are made to hold a lot of paper.  You don’t have to flatten your boxes. But if you do break down the boxes, you can fit much more paper and cardboard into your cart.

box icon

The other stream is for commingled items. That includes cans, bottles, jars, containers, and lids. Paint cans, however, are not recyclable in blue bins…

paint cans in recycling bin

Learn more about how to prepare latex and water-based paints for disposal as trash.  (Metal parts of the paint cans will be recycled.)

bin icon

“It’s a good thing that it wasn’t a windy day!” exclaimed Ron Gilbert, the Collections Staffer who found this open bag of shredded paper.

shredded paper in recycling bin

Shredded paper is a litter wannabe – give a small gust of wind or just the action of tossing it into the truck hopper, and it takes flight.  So, please contain shredded paper in a sealed paper bag or box (no plastic, please!).

What about this?  Well, it is wood, but that wood is treated, so even the remote possibility of categorizing it as “yard trim” is out.  This is simply not recyclable at the curb.  If it’s in reusable condition, taking it to a building material drop-off is an option.

toilet seat in recycling bin

Otherwise… toilet seats (there -- I’ve said it) are trash.  Please put them the curb with your other trash items.

If you have questions about what is recyclable or how to dispose of items – please check out the “How do I dispose/recycle…” section of our website.

Let us know how we can increase recycling in your area.  Our Collections Field Staff is available for presentations or community walks in your neighborhood.  Please email me for more information.

--Jessica Fusillo, Collections Communications

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