Monday, March 28, 2005

Those Blue Monstrosities

Simply put, the new paper recycling carts are big because our County's recycling goal is big: our aim is to recycle 50% of our waste stream. Paper is a significant part of that stream. Many residents continue to think that our recycling program remains limited to newspapers and their inserts. In fact,our program was expanded a few years ago to include virtually all waste paper. The primary exceptions are plastic-, wax-, and foil-coated paper, and that which has been soiled by food, etc. Cardboard is a large component of the paper we receive. The ever-increasing popularity of online ordering generates a great amount of this commodity. And, we want it all!

We don't expect the carts to be completely full of paper in any given week. Actually, another reason for the big carts is to allow residents to fill them with air! In the past, equipment contraints required us to ask that residents flatten boxes before putting them out for recycling collection. New truck machinery has changed that, and we are now able to take unflattened boxes. The carts' large capacity means that folks can just toss in cereal, tissue, shoe, etc. boxes as-is, regardless of whether that "wastes" space -- there's plenty of room in the cart to accomodate these.

We realize that the blue carts will not suit the needs of every County household. Still, we are pleased to have been able to add this container style to the selection of "recycling tools" we offer to residents.

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