Friday, May 09, 2014

Yard trim tip: keep length to 4 feet

very long pieces of yard trim at the curb for collection

Collections Manager Joe recently spotted this bag of yard trim at a curb.

The trimmed branches were very neatly and carefully bundled in a paper yard trim bag, per our specifications.

Each piece was less than 4 inches in diameter, meeting another of our yard trim requirements.

But, oh, the length! These elegant branches were easily 12 to 15 feet long, well in excess of our 4-foot length limit for yard trim.

Unlike the trucks used by tree companies, those used by our contractors for yard trim collections do not have chippers. Therefore, branches residents set out for yard trim must be able to fit into the truck hopper as-is.

To help collection crews be able to take the branches you set out at the curb for them, please prepare branches to meet all of our requirements.

See our detailed yard trim requirements and tips.

Have a question about preparing items for collection? We're happy to help!

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