Thursday, May 29, 2014

How do I recycle trophies and award plaques?

group of trophies on shelf

A resident recently asked how to recycle trophies. We do not accept trophies for recycling. However, these items are good candidates for reuse, which is even better!

A terrific group of volunteer program managers gave us some reuse tips for trophies and award plaques a while back. These included:
  • Here's a possible use: Activity Directors in nursing homes and assisted livings sometimes have "Senior Olympic" programs for their residents, and I imagine the creative ones would love to award the participants with trophies - imagine the delight for a senior, to have a real trophy among the treasures in their room! What a self-esteem boost that would be!
  • Scout troops often sponsor regatta and matchbox derbies... Many times they are looking for old trophies that they can refurbish so there can be prizes for everyone.
  • I used to recycle old trophies and plaques for new volunteer awards (just had new engraving done) when I worked for a nonprofit group that annually gave out volunteer appreciation recognition.

What other suggestions would you add?

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