Thursday, June 28, 2012

New plastic items accepted for recycling!

Recycling in Montgomery County just got easier!

Our recycling program now accepts #1 PET thermoform packaging. This is packaging made from plastic resin #1, also called "polyethylene terephthalate". To shape it, sheets of this resin are warmed and then pressed into molds.

To recycle the new items, shake out any crumbs, give the items a quick rinse if needed, and add them to your blue recycling bin for collection.

What is included in this program expansion? Clamshell containers! In addition, we now take trays, deli containers, lids, domes, and cups.

Read more detail about the plastics our recycling program accepts. Download our plastics postcard (PDF, 1.1 MB) for handy reference.

Here are examples of some of the new plastic items…
clamshell containers
Clamshell containers
bakery trays and cake domes
Bakery trays and cake domes
Condiment cups
plastic cups
deli trays and containers
Deli trays and containers
fruit and vegetable containers and baskets
Fruit and vegetable containers and baskets
tubs and lids
Tubs and lids