Monday, November 27, 2006

May I take things from the Transfer Station?

From our mail bag:
"I was at the Shady Grove dump this weekend dropping off trash and I asked one of the workers if I could remove a wheel off of a bicycle that was being thrown away. He said that I could not remove anything from the dump because it belongs to Montgomery County..."
Correct. Sorry, but once a County resident or business brings an item to the Shady Grove Transfer Station, you may not claim it for yourself.

From the Code of Maryland Regulations "Scavenging or salvaging may not be conducted at any system of refuse disposal for public use..."

Why not? Our Transfer Station staff explains:
"The 'no scavenging' requirement is designed for public safety. While picking up a bicycle wheel may seem insignificant, if scavenging were allowed, people could potentially put themselves in danger climbing on scrap metal, walking behind a pile of waste being moved by a loader or simply adding to the number of pedestrians in an area that already has a lot of traffic and a lot of impatient people who do not drive as slowly as they should to watch out for others."
So, where can you look for a sought-for item? Consider asking your local Freecycle Network members whether they have one to give away.

P.S. The facility is a transfer station, rather than a dump. :-) More on that in a future entry...