Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Worn recycling bins are easy to replace - Intern report

My name is Thomas, and if you have noticed someone looking through your recycling this month, that would be me. Well, I hope so at least.

The Division of Solid Waste Services is doing a recycling survey for the month of June 2014. I go out 5 days a week with a Field Staffer from the Division and look at what you have set out for recycling. It is nothing to be concerned about—we are just gathering data to help us improve our programs.

As an intern from outside Montgomery County, and outside of Maryland, the Division’s recycling program is entirely new to me. So, I spent some time studying the "Recycling Basics" flyer to get myself acquainted with the dual stream method. I have been impressed by how many households recycle.

Although, some of you have some pretty beaten up bins:

Cracked and taped recycling bin
Cracked and taped recycling bin (oops! no plastic bags, please!)
Like really bad:

cracked recycling bin with gaping corners
An even more cracked recycling bin
The fix to this is easy! You may request a new bin online, or by calling the Montgomery County Customer Service Center at 311 (or 240-777-0311; TTY: 301-251-4850).

Some of you like to fill your bins up. Like all the way up:

overflowing recycling bins
Overflowing recycling bins
That’s great! But if you ever want another bin, all you need to do is place an online order, or call 311!

Until my next report,

-Thomas, Intern


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I want a small blue bin - around 14" x 14" x 20". Are they still made available?

    1. Hi - I believe you contacted us via email as well, and have followed up there.

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I've had to replace mine twice. It really is amazing how my brand new recycling bin suddenly morphs into a battered broken one if I leave it out too long.
    I really wish my neighbours would just order their own replacements, instead of swiping mine.

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Buy a can of spray paint and put your house number on the bin. At least then you'll know who took it.


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