Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scrap Metal Scavenging

Scrap metal scavenging hit the news big-time this week when someone was caught on surveillance cameras removing thousands of pounds of copper wire from a Pepco facility in Upper Marlboro. Why? It’s lucrative!

Such large operations are not so common. However, we know that scrap metal scavengers are working Montgomery County streets every day.

A local cable show will address this issue for County residents in an upcoming episode of “Legal or Not”. We taped segments on Monday. Here, videographer Mike Springirth films metal that has been set out for residential scrap metal collection at a home.

Videographer Mike Springirth aiming camera on scrap metal at curb

Mike also recorded a resident wondering about whether or not it is okay to remove the metal items from the curb.

So, what's the answer? Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, as the suspense builds, check out our scrap metal recycling program.

“Legal or Not” is produced by Cathy Grubman and airs on County Cable Montgomery.

--Jessica Fusillo, Collections Communications


  1. Lew Rhodes8:37 AM

    I have a related problem. It's Sunday, 6/30, and I have a special scrap metal pick-up scheduled for tomorrow at 7am. But last night, someone took it all...and there is no way, by phone or website, to get a message to the county about cancelling the pickup and saving the county's funds.
    Very frustrating!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! You are correct - there is no online way to cancel a service request! Calling 311 on Monday morning - would have alerted crews not to expect to find anything at your address. If you have another scrap metal pick-up - give 311 a call to request a "Stop" scavenging sticker. This sticker is placed on item.

      The company lists for Monday scrap metal are released on Saturday - so no changes are available until Monday morning at 7 am.

      Hopefully, we will get the word out to scavengers not to take any metal at the curb that is not marked "Free".

      Thanks again,

      Jessica J Fusillo

  2. so what's the answer - legal or not?


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