Monday, April 08, 2013

Monday Map: Montgomery County, MD Municipal Solid Waste Collection Subdistricts

Today, we're introducing a new feature to "Talkin' Trash": the Monday Map.

Our weekly recycling, trash, and yard trim collection services, and our facility operations, are two very visible aspects of the work we do in the Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services.  Other critical aspects, though, are less obvious.

Data maintenance and mapping are two of those lesser-known Division elements.  We -- that is, GIS Specialist (and whiz) Angie -- actively maintain a database of addresses, determining which addresses receive which services, and on which routes.

Angie will share more of her work and map products in future posts.  Read on for today's Monday Map...

--Susanne Wiggins

Montgomery County, MD Municipal Solid Waste Collection Subdistricts

View larger version of map (PDF)

Montgomery County provides both refuse collection and recycling collection services to some homes in the County and recycling collection service only to others. These two areas are known as Subdistrict A and Subdistrict B.

The County provides Yard Waste collection to both Subdistricts.

Montgomery County does not provide any collection services to houses within an incorporated municipality or in Leisure World. These homes are not considered within a County Subdistrict.

This map displays the County’s two Subdistricts and the areas where the County does not provide any collection service.

Our trash collection page has more information about determining whether or not your trash service is County- or privately-provided.  For communities interested in switching to County-provided service, we have detailed information about the process.

How much do you pay for your County-provided collections?  Visit our Solid Waste Charge page for fee details.

Do you have other questions about the recycling and trash collection services you receive in Montgomery County?  Depending on where you live, and the service about which you'd like more information, you may contact:

-- Angie Braun


  1. I'll save this useful map and by the way, thanks for sharing that.

  2. Great post, very helpful as usual. I like the Monday Map, info most people might not know. Thanks!

    1. @Dave - thanks! We're looking forward to more Monday Maps ourselves!


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