Friday, January 25, 2013

Paper in blue bins - Photo of the week

Every day over 1,400 tons of recyclable material are delivered to Montgomery County’s Recycling Center. Ours is a “dual stream” recycling system. That means that we collect the paper and cardboard items separately from the cans, bottles, jars, containers, lids and foil. So what’s wrong with the photo? Paper and cardboard should be contained in the blue recycling cart, not in the blue recycling bin. The blue bin is for cans, bottles, jars, containers, lids, and foil.

Need a bin or cart? Dial 311 or order online – we deliver!

If you don’t have a recycling cart, you can place your paper and cardboard for recycling in a paper bag, cardboard box, or tie it in a bundle, and place the bag, box or bundle on top of, underneath or next to your blue recycling bin.

Read more information about paper recycling in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Thanks for your help so that we can reach our goal to recycle 70 percent in Montgomery County!


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    So what happens when residents mix paper and plastic/glass recyclables? Does someone have to separate it all out?

    1. Yes, the paper does need to be separated from the "blue bin" materials. This blog post talks about that a bit.

      Also, our online Recycling Center tour describes the sorting process in more detail.

      There is a similar sorting process for "blue bin" items which end up in the paper stream.


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