Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Month 2011: Energy savings at work

Posted as part of our Earth Month 2011 "GoGreen News and Tips" series...

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How can your workplace conserve energy? For the final installment in our Earth Month 2011 series, here's an example from a local certified Green Business:

Goodwill Industries International, in Rockville, MD, decreased its energy use by 17.5% while it increased its staff by 34%. Energy-saving changes included:
  • installing energy-efficient overhead lighting, occupancy sensors, shades in the southern-facing windows, photocell sensors and automated off-hours temperature controls
  • posting signs encouraging staff to turn off lights.
  • reducing emergency lighting
  • removing additional lights in over-lit areas.

Purchasing 100% wind power RECs (renewable energy certificates) resulted in the avoidance of an estimated 1.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year, as well as estimated savings of over $8,000 annually.

Goodwill's headquarters became a certified Green Business with the County in January 2011.

Goodwill employees with banner announcing their headquarters' 100% wind-powered status.

Learn more about the Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program, and check out the list of already-certified businesses:

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