Monday, November 16, 2009

Put leaves in nothing fancier than brown bags or reusable cans

Leaves set at curb in plastic pumpkin bags

What ferocious "pumpkins"! With leering smiles, they munch on leaves!

Look again, and you'll see that they are sporting a bit of extra orange... That's one of our rejection tags, indicating that these carefully bagged leaves were unacceptable for recycling collection.

As you prepared your autumn leaves for weekly curbside yard trim recycling collection, please set them out only in paper yard trim bags, or in labeled, reusable cans.

We shred and compost the yard trim we receive. During this process, plastic bags which come in are broken into a gazillion tiny pieces that create tremendous problems at our facilities. To help prevent this, we are unable to accept yard trim packaged in plastic.

If you'd like to try your hand at composting your own leaves - it's easy, and the resulting product is wonderful for your lawn and garden - pick up one of our bins at no charge.