Thursday, January 15, 2009

How are our Christmas trees recycled?

Collection truck unloading Christmas trees at Transfer Station

What happens to our Christmas trees after they are whisked away from the curb by a yard trim recycling truck?

The trees are taken to the Solid Waste Transfer Station, where they are unloaded in the yard trim area. Then, they are ground up into mulch. (This is why we ask you to remove all of the decorations -- they would become "contaminants" in the mulching process.) This Christmas tree mulch has a high quality. And, it smells wonderful! Get it while you can -- this special "recipe" is available only at this time of the year.

Our mulch is available at no charge at our Neighborhood Mulch Preserves.

And, if you find yourself driving past the Transfer Station, do roll down your window for a little of that pine fragrance...