Friday, October 31, 2008

Recycling Center Tips: flexible metal conduit is not a blue bin material

unraveled metal electrical conduitAnother installment of learnings from my trip to our Recycling Center...

We accept metal cans, tins, and foil products in our weekly curbside recycling program.

Sometimes, people expand that, thinking "if it's metal, it must be ok." And, they drop their metal item into their blue bin.

But, it's not ok. For example, flexible metal conduit bends and pokes when it is intact. And when it unravels, as it inevitably does, it bends, pokes, and wraps around bits of the Recycling Center's sorting machinery all the more. It would make great "hair" for a wild Halloween costume, or for a sculpture. However, please keep it out of blue bins.

Tip: Please recycle flexible metal conduit (and the rigid type, too) by taking it to the scrap metal recycling area at our Solid Waste Transfer Station.