Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are berry containers recyclable? No.

Thank you for the many questions you've been asking us about our newly expanded plastics recycling program! The program details are new to us, to, and we've been learning a great deal about the finer points of plastics recycling do's and don't ourselves.

We will continue to tweak our plastics guidance to you so that it is easy to use and understand. And, we'll be sharing advice on specific plastic items here in our blog. So, on to our first item...

plastic berry container
One of the top questions has been "Can I recycle my strawberry / blueberry / raspberry containers?" Sorry, to the extent that you don't have a reuse for these, please put your clear "clamshell" containers from berries into the trash.
Yes, it is a food-grade container. But, it is made from polystyrene, which we cannot accept. How do you know that it's made from this resin? Look for the "6" on the container.

Check back with our blog (or subscribe to our feed). And, visit our plastics photo set for a handy reference.