Tuesday, January 15, 2008

From pretty Christmas trees to marvelous mulch

What happens to your Christmas tree after it is whisked away from your curb for recycling?

Yard trim trucks carrying leaves, grass, and brush -- and Christmas trees! -- enter the Solid Waste Transfer Station through its Truck Entrance.

Solid Waste Transfer Station Truck Entrance

After weighing in on the scales, the trucks head over to the Yard Trim area.

Sign directing Transfer Station users to yard trim area

Look at that big pile of yard trim and trees! See those paper yard trim bags? They will be ground up right along with their contents.

Pile of Christmas trees and other yard trim

Here is the grinder at work.

Grinder at work producing mulch

The pile of yard trim and trees is in the foreground of this photo; the resulting mulch pile is in the background. With the remainder of the autumn leaves, and now the Christmas trees, in the mix, January and February are excellent times to come and take home some of our mulch.

Photo of unshredded yard trim and resulting mulch