Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mark your recycling and trash containers with your house number

Our field staff receives many reports of missing recycling bins, and carts, and trash cans. The missing containers are often found next door or across the street.

The container might have been blown by wind, mistakenly put at a neighbor's curb by the collection crew, or taken in by a neighbor in error.

Recycling bin labeled with a permanent marker. Credit: C. WeddleOne simple action can help keep your containers at home: clearly marking them with your house number. Using a black permanent marker is an easy way to do this; stickers or paint are other options. Program Specialist Neil Einhorn suggests writing numbers at least three inches high.

Having your house number on your containers makes it easy to tell where they belong. It also identifies your recycling containers out of the group if you have a common neighborhood collection point.

Make it easy for your containers to find their way home keeps them available for your use. That also allows our field staff to work on resolving other issues for you.

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Recycling bin labeled stickers. Credit: K. Boyle

Recycling bin labeled with white paint. Credit: K. Boyle
Recycling cart for paper, labeled with spray paint. Credit: C. Weddle
Trash can labeled with white paint. Credit: K. Boyle

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