Thursday, February 15, 2007

New "Furniture Exchange" Program offers at-home pickup

When you've got furniture you would like to donate, getting a vehicle large enough to transport it can be a limiting factor...

That's why our new partnership with Community Ministry of Montgomery County should be helpful to you. Through the Furniture Exchange, you can bring your no-longer-needed items directly to the program warehouse, or... request a pickup from your home!

From a Community Ministry newsletter (italics mine):
CMMC’s Furniture Exchange is now operating out of its new warehouse at 12221 Parklawn Drive in Rockville. Clients can shop for their own furniture, from among the stock we have on hand, and schedule their own deliveries with our Client Services Manager. Shopping hours are Fridays from 9:00A to 12:00N. Call 301-468-4830 to learn more about our new program guidelines or visit us on the web at As always, we are in need of gently used beds of all sizes, dressers, sofas, loveseats, kitchen tables and chairs, dining room tables and chairs, cribs, and desks. Your beautiful, unwanted furniture can make a great difference to someone in need. Offer your donations at
Additional tips: We list additional furniture reuse programs in our Use It Again guide. And, our very active local Freecycle Network groups remain another great way to give new life to used furniture.