Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Leaf vacuuming begins November 6, 2006

Many residents think the Division of Solid Waste Services provides their leaf vacuuming in the Fall. Sorry, we don't! The leaf vacuuming is done by our good colleagues in the Highway Maintenance Section.

Highway Maintenance announced that this year's vacuuming begins on Monday, November 6, 2006. The collections are anticipated to run through mid-December. (The end-date is always weather-permitting!)

What's the difference between the Highway Maintenance and the Division of Solid Waste Services leaf collections?

  • In the Highway Maintenance program, leaves must be raked to the curb in time for the posted collection date - no bagging required. Leaf vacuuming details - including a service area map and collection status reports.
  • The Division of Solid Waste Services' yard trim collection includes leaves, grass, and brush. Pickups are made weekly on your recycling day, all year round. Leaves set out for this collection must be in large paper bags or in reusable, labeled containers (like trash cans). Curbside yard trim collection details