Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What's wrong with this picture? - Part V

About Quiz Entry #4:
This heap was set out for regular, weekly household trash collection. The desk on the left of the pile is sporting the fluorescent orange "rejection tag." Why?

The size and quantity of the material is just a bit more than what's expected for a regular weekly set-out. The resident should have requested a bulk trash collection. (Folks with County-provided trash service may request up to 5 bulk collections per year.) Bulk collections are made on your normal trash day.

Among the reasons why we ask you to request bulk service in advance:
- the crew then knows to expect a larger volume of material
- the crew is provided with a list of exactly what you want to have taken away (that helps prevent unpleasant surprises when the workers are uncertain about what they should take for disposal or not).

Another problem with the pile in this picture is that scrap metal and trash items are all jumbled together. Scrap metal and trash are collected by two different crews. These workers are not able to seperate out the materials for you. A jumbled pile would be another reason for leaving a rejection tag and not collecting the material.

Quiz Entry #5:

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